Burning TarHeel Linux 7 Installation Iso Image on USB Key Drive

There are 2 TarHeel Linux 7 installation iso images, Netinst/Everything.  The Netinst iso image is less that 500MB and it can easily fit onto a CDROM disk.  The Everything iso image is about 7GB and it contains all the files and packages to install a TarHeel Linux 7 machine.  This 7GB iso image can fit onto a double-sided DVD disk or USB key drive larger than 8GB.  This instruction is to tell how to burn Everything iso image onto a USB key drive.

Insert the USB key drive into a TarHeel Linux 7 machine.  Log in as root.

su -

Type the lsblk command to figure out the mount point of the USB key drive.  When a 16GB USB key is inserted, you would see the following lines.

sdf 8:80 1 14.9G 0 disk 
└─sdf1 8:81 1 6.8G 0 part

Therefore, the mount point is at /dev/sdf.  There is a partition in /dev/sdf as /dev/sdf1.  Then, we want to make sure that /dev/sdf1 is not mounted.

umount /dev/sdf1

We can then issue a dd command to copy the Everything iso image to the USB key.

dd if=/path/to/TarHeelLinux-7.x-everything-x86_64.iso of=/dev/sdf bs=4k

Depending on the write speed of the USB key drive, it can take 20-30 minutes for the copying.  Once it is done, you can pull the USB key drive out and you have the Everything iso image on USB key drive.