Setup for Development

After TarHeel Linux 7 installation, you will get the basic setup for general computing environment.  If you like to do software development requiring compilers, libraries, etc., you will have to add a few more packages to the system.  Here is how.

First of all, you may want to install 2 groups of packages which contains a bunch of compilers and libraries.

yum groupinstall development additional-devel

Most of the time, software developers would like to have access to some newer versions of compilers.  You may then want to gain access to the Software Collections library.  ITS Infrastructure also maintains a software repository containing some customized compilers and other useful software applications.

yum install yum-conf-softwarecollections
yum install its-release

Installing “yum-conf-softwarecollections” and “its-release” allows you to have access to the Software Collections and ITS software repositories.

In TarHeel Linux 7.0, we have found that the original libatomic and libitm libraries from Development group packages are having conflicts with the ones provided by Software Collections.  To resolve the conflict, you can uninstall them.

yum remove libatomic
yum remove libitm

If you want to use them later, you can install them again with the following commands.  YUM will pick up the proper version to avoid any conflict.

yum install libatomic
yum install libitm