CCI Lenovo ThinkStation E20

Our Lenovo ThinkStation E20 4220-UN5 test machine has no problem running TarHeel Linux 5 x86_64 distribution. This CCI machine comes with a NVidia Quadro FX580 viedo card. To fully utilized the capability of the video card, we download and install the NVidia Linux driver. That NVidia Linux driver is kernel dependent and therefore it needs to be recompiled when TarHeel Linux has an updated kernel.

To install TarHeel Linux 6, the TarHeel Linux 6.3 Boot installer mounts the internal hard drive through /dev/sde instead of /dev/sda.  Because of that, we have a different Kickstart file named thl64-edrive.cfg to install TarHeel Linux 6 on this machine.  In the installation menu, hit tab and modify the line to replace “thl64.cfg” with “thl-edrive.cfg“.

For optimal performance, it is recommended that NVIDIA driver is to be installed to replace the generic Nouveau video driver.  Follow the instruction from the page “Installing NVIDIA Drivers in TarHeel Linux 6” to install the NVIDIA drivers.