CCI Lenovo ThinkPad W530

The CCI Lenovo ThinkPad W530 2441-UN9 Laptop has no problem running TarHeel Linux 6 natively.  The build-in camera works.  Sound is functioning properly.  We have also tried accessing “UNC-Secure” Wifi network and it is working nicely.

Since Linux laptop is meant to be portable and it will go different places, on campus and off campus, we recommend setting up TarHeel Linux 6 a little different for a better computing experience.  We have a customized Kickstart file to build TarHeel Linux 6 for this machine.  Follow the instruction “Installing TarHeel Linux 6 on Laptops” to install TarHeel Linux 6.

The laptop is equipped with a NVIDIA N14P-Q1 graphics card.