CCI Lenovo ThinkStation E31

This CCI Lenovo ThinkStation E31 2552-UN9 desktop machine comes with a 500GB hard drive and a NVIDIA Quadro 600 video card.  The TarHeel Linux 6.4 Boot installer mounts the internal hard drive through device /dev/sdf instead of /dev/sda.  However, the installer should be able to install TarHeel Linux 6.4 onto the /dev/sdf drive.

For optimal performance, it is recommended that NVIDIA driver is to be installed to replace the generic Nouveau video driver.  The installer will ask if you want to install NVIDIA driver and CUDA, just say yes”.  If not, follow the instruction from the page “Installing NVIDIA Drivers in TarHeel Linux 6” to install the NVIDIA drivers after booting up.

We have also tried rebuilding the machine with Windows 7 using UNC ImageUltra server.  Then, sink the Windows NTFS partition to about half of the 500GB drive.  Install TarHeel Linux 6 on the unused half of the drive.  The result is a dual boot machine with Windows 7 and TarHeel Linux 6.  When installing TarHeel Linux 6, specify no drive partition.  Then, the installer will ask for picking drive partition for TarHeel Linux 6 installation.  Make usre that you use the free space (/dev/sdf3) to install TarHeel Linux 6.