TarHeel Linux 6.9 Available

TarHeel Linux 6.9 installation disc for x86_64 is now available.  All new TarHeel Linux installations are urged to use these new boot images.  There are 2 distributions, NetInstall and Everything.  If your machine is on UNC network with Mac address registered for DHCP, you can use NetInstall to install TarHeel Linux 6.9.  If you are off campus or your machine is not able to get campus DHCP address, you can use the Everything iso for installation.

For all the current TarHeel Linux 6 installations, they will need to be updated to TarHeel Linux 6.9.  Here are the steps.

Log in as root and invoke the following commands.

su -
yum update

You may have to reboot the machine to run the new kernel as a part of the update.