Java Plugin Problem

For both web browsers Chromium and Firefox, the Java plugin is provided by a package named icedtea-web.  In practice, when installing icedtea-web, it will create a link in the current Java program in lib/amd64/ as pointing to /usr/lib64/ for TarHeel Linux 6 x86_64 installation.

When updating Java from 1.6.0 to 1.7.0, the link in lib/amd64 for has not been established.  Because of that, Java plugin for Chromium and Firefox is not available.

One can easily fix this Java plugin problem for Firefox and Chromium by doing this following.

yum remove icedtea-web
yum install icedtea-web

When the package is being reinstalled, it will create the required link in the currently in-use Java installation (1.7.0) to provide browsers with  Java plugin functionality.