TarHeel Linux 6.4 Available

TarHeel Linux 6.4 is now available.  In this release, we have implemented a lot of new features.  The installer will ask you for several questions to set everything up before installation.  Make sure that you answer those questions intelligently.  Those features include the following.

1. Allow building TarHeel Linux with static IP address.  If you have a static IP address assigned to the machine, you can enter those information and the machine will be built accordingly.

2. Look for fixed disk and install TarHeel Linux on that disk.  If there are more than one fixed fisk, it will pick the first it finds.

3. Allow manual hard disk partitioning.  The TarHeel Linux installer will check the size of the hard disk and set up disk partition accordingly.  However, if you prefer to partition the disk manually, you can do that.

4. Set up swap size by doubling the size of physical memory.  The TarHeel Linux installer will check the size of the physical memory and set up swap size twice as big as the physical memory.

5. Install extra packages for scientific computing as needed.  It is now possible to install extra packages, such as compiler, library, for the installation.

6. Install CUDA and Nvidia driver as needed.  If the machine comes with Nvidia card, you can choose to install Nvidia driver to replace the generic Nouveau driver to improve performance.  CUDA is for GPU computing on some Nvidia cards.

All new TarHeel Linux installations are recommended to install TarHeel Linux 6.4 using the new installer.