TotalView 8.11.0-0 Installed

TotalView is a GUI-based source code defect analysis tool that gives you unprecedented control over processes and thread execution and visibility into program state and variables.

TotalView allows you to debug one or many processes and/or threads in a single window with complete control over program execution. This allows you to set breakpoints, stepping line by line through the code on a single thread, or with coordinated groups of processes or threads, and run or halt arbitrary sets of processes or threads. You can reproduce and troubleshoot difficult problems that can occur in concurrent programs that take advantage of threads, OpenMP, MPI, GPUs or coprocessors.

TotalView 8.11.0-0 is now installed in TarHeel Linux 6 repository for x86_64 distribution.  To install totalview, invoke this command as root.

yum install totalview

If you have older version of TotalView installed, you can upgrade it with this command.  The daily update will also update TotalView automatically.

yum update totalview

After installation, to run TotalView, open up a new terminal window and type this command.