TarHeel Linux is based on CentOS and Scientific Linux, stable versions of RedHat Enterprise Linux, but without the branding.

The installation of TarHeel Linux is network-based from an ITS Research Computing kickstart server and local software repositories.

A new fully updated and patched system can be installed in just about thirty minutes depending on the network speed.

The TarHeel Linux build includes many security enhancements added at build time. A firewall is configured, and many recommended service settings are put in place.

The security of the system is maintained through nightly package and OS updates and integrity scans. A nightly summary of these reports is sent to the root user via email.

TarHeel Linux user accounts are configured to take advantage of kerberized UNC ONYEN authentication. The only encrypted password on the system is the root password, and rules are in place to make that as strong, if not stronger, than an ONYEN password.

Systems built using TarHeel Linux have access to a large locally-maintained software repository. Applications in this repository are built to take advantage of UNC-CH Research Computing resources. The TarHeel Linux Administrators are continually updating existing and adding new applications to this repository.

Application installation is done through the yum (Yellowdog Updater, Modified) command, which allows for the effortless installation of only the applications needed by the users.

Please check out the remainder of the documentation in this site for more detailed information.